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We’ve all seen enough episodes of Shark Tank... realise that a business needs a lot more than just a good idea and a logo on a t-shirt if it’s going to be successful. In fact, and alarmingly, more than two thirds of Australian start-ups will fold within 3 years. That’s a worrying stat if you’re a small business owner. 

What are the causes? Poor cashflow. Lack of sales. Bad idea. For the most part, it’s going to be one of these. And whilst all businesses that are a bad idea are probably doomed, with careful planning and access to the right resources, savvy business owners can take steps to maximise their cashflow and generate enough sales.

Small business is often called ‘death by admin’...

...meaning that business owners can get bogged down with tedious tasks that actually prevent them from doing the thing that is most likely to see them succeed. If a business owner is spending 80% of their time learning Xero or trying to figure out how the Facebook pixel works then they’re probably focusing on the wrong tasks. It’s not like you’ve ever heard one of the ‘Sharks’ ask whether they submit their own BAS.

This is where we come in. We offer ‘service packs’ designed to do the work you would rather outsource – and for a lot less than you might expect – but with expertise that will far exceed your expectations.